Discover the best pool games for kids! From classic favorites to creative new ideas, keep your little ones entertained and active with these fun and exciting water activities. Perfect for pool parties and family gatherings.

Looking for ways to keep the kids cool and entertained this summer? Look no further than your own backyard pool! With a little creativity, you can transform your pool into a water wonderland with these 10 fun and easy pool games.

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Get Active:

Noodle Jousting:

  • Inventory: Pool noodles (enough for all participants), goggles (optional)
  • Instructions: Divide the kids into teams and have them sit on pool noodles like jousting knights. The objective? To knock your opponents off their noodles using pool noodles! Just be sure to keep it light and friendly to avoid any tumbles.

Water Relay Races:

  • Inventory: Buckets or Pool noodles (enough for all participants), whistle (optional)
  • Instructions: Divide the kids into teams and line them up on opposite sides of the pool. Give each team a bucket or pool noodle to carry. At the go signal (or blow of the whistle), the first person from each team races across the pool, fills their bucket or noodle with water, races back, dumps the water out in their designated area, and tags the next teammate. First team to finish wins! This game is a great way to get the kids moving and working together as a team.

Classic Fun:

Marco Polo:

  • Inventory: None!
  • Instructions: A timeless pool game that’s perfect for all ages. One person closes their eyes and calls out “Marco,” while everyone else yells “Polo” until the seeker finds them! This game helps young children learn directions and listening skills.

Squirt Tag Showdown:

  • Inventory: Squirt guns, water.
  • Instructions: Fill squirt guns with cool water and let the kids loose for a soaking good time! This is a great way to cool down on a hot day and encourage some friendly competition.

Dive In:

Underwater Treasure Hunt:

  • Inventory: Waterproof toys or colorful plastic rings, bucket (optional).
  • Instructions: Hide waterproof toys or colorful plastic rings around the bottom of the pool for a challenging treasure hunt. You can weigh down the toys with pennies or pebbles to keep them from floating. The first person to find all the treasure wins! This game is a fun way for kids to practice their diving skills.

Pool Noodle Games:

Noodle Limbo:

  • Inventory: Pool noodles (2), music (optional)
  • Instructions: Get those pool noodles to work again by holding them up high and creating a limbo line. Play some music if you want to set the mood! See how low the kids can go without knocking down the noodle! This game is a great way to test the kid’s flexibility and balance.

Noodle Horse Races:

  • Inventory: Pool noodles (enough for all participants)
  • Instructions: Another pool noodle multi-tasker! Have the kids straddle pool noodles and hop across the pool for a hilarious race. This is a fun twist on the classic sack race and a great way to get the kids laughing.

Pool Party Games:

Water Balloon Toss:

  • Inventory: Water balloons, bucket to fill the balloons (optional)
  • Instructions: Fill water balloons (bonus points for colorful ones!) and have the kids toss them back and forth. Eventually, someone will drop one, which will lead to lots of laughs and cool splashes! This is a refreshing game that’s perfect for a hot summer day.

Relax and Chill:

Sprinkler Fun:

  • Inventory: Sprinkler, hose attachment
  • Instructions: Attach a sprinkler to the side of the pool for a refreshing way to cool down. The kids will love running through the spray! This is a great way to relax and cool down after a long day of playing pool games.

Popsicle Fun:

  • Inventory: Popsicles, towels
  • Instructions: Pool time isn’t complete without a popsicle! Take a break from the games and enjoy a cool treat. Make sure the kids have towels to sit on while they enjoy their popsicles.

Safety First:

  • Always supervise children closely while they are in the pool, regardless of their swimming ability.
  • Make sure all pool games are safe and appropriate for the ages and swimming abilities of the children playing.
  • Take breaks often to cool down and rehydrate with water.

With these 10 fun pool games, you’re sure to have a summer full of splashtastic memories!

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