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No need to panic! These Quick and Surprising DIY Valentines Gifts ideas are perfect for expressing your love in a heartfelt way. Create something special nowLooking to ditch the store-bought stuff and wow your boyfriend with a heartfelt, handmade Valentine’s Day gift? Look no further! This post is brimming with creative DIY ideas that cater to various interests and skill levels.

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Make cherished memories by crafting heartfelt DIY gifts for your special someone. These ideas are not only easy to make but also convey your affection more personally than store-bought options.

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DIY Gift Ideas:

  1. Heart-shaped gift box
  2. Romantic record player card
  3. Heart-shaped photo frame
  4. Mini kissing booth
  5. Sports-themed gift box
  6. Spotify-inspired photo creations

Heart Shaped Gift Box

Craft a heartfelt Valentine’s gift for your beloved by customizing a charming heart-shaped box.


  1. Begin with a plain heart-shaped box, easily found at craft stores.
  2. Paint the box in your partner’s favorite color or opt for timeless red.
  3. Fill the box with surprises such as lottery tickets, cash, or miniature liquor bottles.
  4. Add a tag with the message, “Time spent without you is wasted.”
  5. Get imaginative with stickers or stencils to enhance the box’s appeal.
  6. Complete the presentation by sealing the box with a ribbon for that perfect finishing flourish.

Record Player Card

Craft a charming record player card with just a handful of basic craft supplies! Customize this project to infuse it with Valentine’s Day flair.


  1. Gather red, black, and white color cardstock.
  2. Cut a large square to serve as the base of the card.
  3. Form a circle in the center to represent the record.
  4. Fashion a tonearm using a slender strip, affixing it at an angle.
  5. Personalize the record label by inscribing love songs or heartfelt messages.
  6. Proudly display your faux record player cardβ€”a delightful homage to musical romance!

Heart Shaped Photo Frame

Craft a luminous heart frame to showcase your cherished memories together. With just a few basic craft supplies, you can create this enchanting piece.


  1. Sketch 11 columns and 10 rows to create a grid on a black sheet of cardstock.
  2. Cut out the heart-shaped grid from the black cardstock.
  3. Cut the thermocol/polystyrene to match the shape of the heart.
  4. Adhere the black cardstock to the polystyrene using glue.
  5. Affix your photos, one by one, onto the heart frame with glue.
  6. Secure LED lights along the outer edge of the polystyrene.
  7. Hang your masterpiece on the wall and revel in its beauty!

DIY Mini Kissing Booth

Craft your own Dollar Tree kissing booth, perfect for filling with your partner’s favorite treats! Here’s how:

Tools: Glue gun & glue sticks, wood glue, white & pink paint, paint brushes, clips, white paper, scissors

Materials: 2 wood boxes, 4 wood crates, 2 craft wood pieces (18 x 2 inches), Kissing Booth sign, 2 packages of Valentine wood DIY stickers, 1 package of toothpick hearts

To fill the kissing booth: 4 packages of 3oz Hershey Kisses, 4 heart-shaped sugar cookies, 2 stems of sparkly pink hearts

Sports Gift Box

If your partner is into sports or the gym why not put together a sports gift box. You can add in things like a water bottle, sweat bands, sports socks, sports shirt, shorts etc

Then decorate the box with some nice photos and Valentines stickers!

Balloon Photo Surprise

Create a simple yet amazing gift with this balloon photo surprise! Here’s what you’ll need:



  1. Attach the strings of the balloons to the Polaroid photos using tape to keep them weighed down.
  2. Sprinkle paper rose petals over the bed.
  3. Voila! You have an awesome balloon/photo surprise ready to kick off a truly romantic evening!

Valentine’s Movie Night Gift Box

Craft a memorable Valentine’s gift for him with a movie night box. Filled with his favorite treats such as candy, soda, popcorn, Doritos, and dips, it’s the perfect way to cozy up and enjoy a fun evening together, creating sweet memories on this special day.

Love Notes in a Jar

Each note or gift serves as a tender token of love, conveying enduring emotions.

It acts as a daily reminder of your affection, forming a treasure trove of shared memories and heartfelt sentiments that strengthen the bonds of your romantic connection.

Ingredients for Love Notes in a Jar:

  1. Small strips of colorful paper or sticky notes
  2. Pen or marker for writing
  3. A decorative jar or container
  4. Optional: Ribbon, stickers, or other embellishments for decorating the jar
  5. Optional: Heart-shaped or themed confetti to add a festive touch
  6. Optional: Small gifts or tokens to accompany some of the notes, such as chocolates, tea bags, or tiny trinkets.

Remember, the most valuable gift is the time and effort you put into it. So, grab your craft supplies, unleash your creativity, and let your love shine through with a DIY Valentine’s Day gift he’ll truly cherish!

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